Giving Tuesday: Let's Celebrate.

Today is Giving Tuesday!

You've worked for months leading up to this day and suddenly the donations are rolling in. You've outlined an amazing campaign that rolls into your mission and serves your population. Congratulations!

Let's celebrate! Give back to your team with a fun-filled DVA Team Building event. Invest in the team, that made today happen! DVA Leadership and Development Training Consultants (DVA), offer team building events that match the heart and spirt of your team. Do more than say 'thank you' this year. Plan an epic, playful, learning event!

DVA Team Building events promote bonding to reduce stress among team members. They foster collaboration and communication that serve to improve team relationship building.

Let's build on the momentum of Giving Tuesday! Let's celebrate the work. Let's build up the team that built the dream.

Let's Educate and Motivate our 2020 workforce.

Contact DVA to book your event today!

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