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our mission is to: 


Our Vision

is to make complex learning, simple! 

We do this by using creative play to promote learning.  Play has been shown to release endorphins, improve brain functionality, and stimulate creativity.  Play is often perceived as unproductive and a waste of time.

Quite the contrary.  Youth and adults alike enjoy playing!  Play within a professional development atmosphere can enhance critical thinking, identify leadership skills, promote spontaneity and lead to childlike laughter, that serves to reduce stress. 


Team building activities build on existing relationships and opens the possibility of nurturing relationships that might be struggling. Working together in a controlled environment makes learning possible. Learning new skills to work within difficult relationships is now possible.  

DVA motivates you to PLAY and together, we LEARN! 

About our Partnerships 

We partner with schools, nonprofit organizations, small businesses and faith-based institutions, to enhance their existing programs and services through professional training, technical assistance, program development, project management and evaluation. Who are our customers? YOU are! We work with both youth and adult groups. 


Who are we? 

DVA Leadership and Development Training Consultants, was established in 2009 with one staff member and goal to increase access to soft skills education in underserved, disadvantaged communities.  


Today, DVA has served hundreds of youth and youth workers across the Illinois.  

We have provided professional development to countless small business and nonprofit organizations. 

Our partnerships allow us to work directly with organizations to increase their effectiveness and see change almost immediately. 


Management guru, Peter Drucker once said "What gets measured, gets improved." That is the DVA philosophy. 

Our Guarantee to you

To ensure client satisfaction, we provide detailed return on investment (ROI) reports with recommendations. 


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T: 773-671-3315
T: 708-705-5960 ​



CEO, Sandra Harrison



COO, Darryl Harrison Sr. 






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