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Unite Teams to Transform Culture Through Experiential Learning

At DVA, we believe that play builds connection, purpose fuels performance, and groups become communities through shared understanding. For over 15 years, our customized workshops, restorative circles, and catalyst events have brought school districts, nonprofits, corporate teams together to evolve mindsets and capabilities.

Our Services Optimize Engagement at All Levels


Learning Journeys

The core of our approach utilizes unique training programs built for you that leverage:

  • Team building activities to enhance trust, communication, and alignment

  • Youth workforce readiness building career skills not taught in traditional academics

  • Targeted feedback sessions driving insights on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI)

  • Microlearning sessions conveying critical information in condensed formats


We facilitate team alignment through challenges building cross-department rapport and executive leadership synergy.

Programs optimize new hire onboarding, change management, and perspective shifting around DEI.


Catalyst Events Driving Community

Add sparks of energy to your next event with offerings including:

  • Custom pop-up sessions kicking off conferences with interactive games

  • Motivational speaking engagements from our founders and thought leaders

  • Restorative justice circles healing rifts by building understanding

  • Capability Building for the Future

 Elevate your organization holistically over the long-term via:

  • Governance training enabling good board leadership and stewardship

  • Assessments auditing systems and revealing cultural evolution opportunities

  • Consultancy guiding strategy and execution across HR, DEI, and leadership development


The Connective Power of Play Drives Results
We start by listening intently to craft experiences matching your distinct culture and objectives. Our methodology stems from decades uplifting youth nonprofits and uniting cross-generational teams through education.

Let's connect and explore how custom learning solutions can strengthen capabilities at team and organization-wide levels.

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