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Educate. Motivate. Play.

DVA is here to make complex learning simple by motivating you to play and together, we learn! 

 How We Serve You

International Overdose Awareness Day 2019

Leadership Team Development 
and Training

Defining team purpose through strategic clarification 

Building strong, productive relationships between team members 

Utilizing the right analytics, training and resources to drive team decisions

Providing ongoing team and individual development. 

DVA CEO Sandra Harrison


Sandra Harrison 

Making Notes

Your Consultant 

As your leadership consultant, DVA will work with you to define your team's needs. We help you build out your strategic goals and formulate a plan.

Consider DVA project management, too!



Darryl Harrison 

Open For Business

Small Business Development 

Small business development classes, designed for new entrepreneurs.  

Starting your business or growing your team, DVA can help. 

DVA CEO Sandra Harrison

~ Team DVA 

Parent Education in Aurora
City of Chicago, One Summer Chicago Youth Workforce
DVA with Illinois Secretary Grace B. Hou

Leadership Training:

Parent Education 

Cowhard Middle School

Aurora, IL  

Leadership Training:

Workforce Development  

One Summer Chicago

City Colleges of Chicago  

DVA Facilitation:
Opioid Task Force

This was the best parent meeting I've ever attended. We had so much fun!  We did things I'm sure our kids get to do in school.  After school students were hanging around the door wanting to get in.

It was hysterical how they were begging to come and play with us. 


Thank you DVA and Cowhard School 

~ Parent, Maria Lynn Ortiz 

"I'm so ready for my summer job and my money"

~One Summer Chicago Student 

"Thank you for coming to City Colleges of Chicago to help us get ready!"

~One Summer Chicago Student 

"I love your energy; thank you for facilitating the Westside Opioid Task Force Meeting" 

 "what a great presentation of the work"

~Illinois Department of Human Services 

Office of the Secretary 

Grace B. Hou

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