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Being Intentional About Team Building Could Save Your Organization

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Many small organizations are working vigorously day to day to just keep the lights on. Training and development budgets are oftentimes small or non-existent. And while many CEOs and COOs agree that this saves money on the front end, the organization suffers in an even more interesting way.

What's often misunderstood is the value of efficiency when staff members​ are satisfiably working together. Collectively, the work gets done and the HR office stays empty. That's ideal for a workplace, but nearly impossible. Team building goes far in an organization that expects returns on their investments.

Small organizations, namely 501c3s, are usually guilty for neglecting​ team building training into their business structures. These businesses run the risk of unhappy employees, uncomfortable and non-effective work spaces, and financial losses due to staff turnover.

To implement a line item in the budget that could potentially save and motivate employees is worth the money. Here are 3 steps to take to consider team building training for your organization:

1. Evaluate the relationships between your staffers. Schedule one-on-one meetings with your staffers to inquire about their comfortability working with other staffers. Develop a safe space in your office to discuss staff interaction as a way to allow your staffers to be open and honest.

2. Research local, small training organizations that your small budget can afford. If your budget doesn't allow for a series of trainings, develop a plan with lead staffers on how to obtain the best value.

3. Work with your organization's leaders to decide what type of team building goals you have for your staff. Does your team need to better learn how to remain professional during heated disagreements in meetings? Does your team tend to isolate certain staffers, creating hostile work environments? Do staffers complain about group projects? All of these scenarios can be covered in a general team building training or a series of trainings.

Small training organizations, similar to DVA Training and Development, oftentimes work with smaller organizations to tailor your training needs. It's worth the money, and your staff. Create a better working environment by implementing cost effective training that motivates your staffers and creates growing work relationships to get the job done.

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