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DVA is here to make complex learning simple by motivating you to play and together, we learn!

How We Serve You

DVA provides customized learning solutions to meet your  specific goals. We group our offerings into four key categories:

Team Building Events

  • Team Building: Indoor and outdoor options activities with reflection

  • Youth Workforce Readiness: Career prep going beyond traditional academics

  • Feedback Sessions: Group discussions driving insights on specific issues

  • Microlearning: Short burst sessions to convey critical information

DVA Team / Community Events

  • Pop-Ups: Kick off any event with fun team challenges

  • Motivational Speaking: Inspiring talks from our founders and facilitators

  • Restorative Justice: Healing spaces for making peace and seeking racial understanding

Coaching / Consulting

  • Coaching: One-on-one personal and professional development 

  • Consulting: Guidance on optimization spanning leadership, HR, DEI, and more

  • Capacity  Building: Level up your organization's skills holistically:

    • ​​Board Development: Governance and leadership training

    • Organizational Leadership Development

About Us

Our Integrity is rooted in over 40 years of marriage, DVA builds bridges through collaboration and community.

Our trainings facilitate connection and collaboration across generational divides, driven by an unwavering commitment to educate and motivate in support of the Black community.

Where traditional training falls short, DVA’s foundation of leadership and integrity creates lasting impact.

What Clients Say

"It would take a book to write all the stuff learned at DVA. Sandra is a great Trainer."

Mary 'Sapphire Smoke' Plato, City of Aurora

DVA Clients

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